Biggest Black Hole Discovered: Enormous Black Hole 30 Billion Times Larger Than Sun Discovered by Scientists in Deep Space

Scientists have made a remarkable discovery of an enormous black hole that is 30 billion times larger than our sun, located in the depths of the universe, hundreds of millions of light-years away.

According to a study published on Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, this ultra-massive black hole may be one of the largest black holes ever to have been discovered.

James Nightingale, a study author from Durham University’s Department of Physics, said, “Even as an astronomer, I find it hard to comprehend how big this thing is.” This black hole may remain one of the largest holes ever detected because physicists believe that black holes can’t grow much larger than that.

The discovery is an exciting one, and Nightingale said, “This particular black hole, which is roughly 30 billion times the mass of our sun, is one of the biggest ever detected and on the upper limit of how large we believe black holes can theoretically become, so it is an extremely exciting discovery.