Liquid Trees Are A Real Thing: The Viral Invention Condensing CO2 Filtering Properties into an Algae-Filled Box

I’d like to draw your attention to a recent viral invention called “liquid trees,” which has been making the rounds on Twitter. Essentially, this innovation condenses the CO2 filtering properties of real trees into an algae-filled box.

The installation, located in Belgrade, Serbia, was showcased in a post by @yupthatexists, and it has been operational since September 2021. While it may resemble a prop from a sci-fi show, it’s a real invention designed at the University of Belgrade in partnership with the United Nations Development Program.

The concept aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in urban areas where planting real trees would be difficult due to limited space. Known as a “LIQUID3,” this photo-bioreactor solves a unique problem and has several public uses. Despite some confusion in the replies, the invention is noteworthy and a step forward in reducing carbon emissions in dense urban areas.